Areca Palm

One of my favourite indoor palms is the Areca Palm tree. Nothing looks more dazzling than a large healthy palm tree in a home. Its fairly easy to grow and tolerates bright light to lower light levels, which covers most home conditions. Although expensive, its spectacular when its big, reaching heights of up to 15-20 feet with a beautifully wide canopy that can spread almost 10 feet! Native to Madagascar and South India, this lovely palm was once endangered in the wild. Numbers are slowly making their way back up. Dypsis lutescens is also known as Golden Cane Palm, Yellow Palm, and Butterfly Palm.

There are so many good reasons why you should have Areca Palms in your home.

  1. Its not toxic to your cat or dog or kids. They can freely munch on the leaves with no ill effects.

  2. The are one of the best air purifiers in the amongst indoor plants and can improve the air quality tremendously, removing the odours of smoking, pets, etc.

  3. They are easy to grow! These trees love light but will also tolerate low light. They are a slow grower, so you will not have to transplant these palms often. They love moisture as long as they never stand in water and are allowed to dry out slightly in between waterings.

  4. Areca Palms help you have a quality sleep! Yes, plants are so healthy in the bedroom! Is it physiological? Or do we just need to have plants surrounding us to be healthy? I vote for the second suggestion!

Often Areca Palms will get spider mites or mealy bugs. Always check the underside of the leaves before purchasing for any unwanted hitchhikers. Once in the home, maintain humidity by misting your plant often. That will deter spider mites. Thorough inspection of plants will prevent any mealy bug problems as well. If any insects have chosen to live with you and your palm, simply spray your palm down with insecticidal soap, let it sit for a few minutes, then wash off in the shower. Repeat weekly for a month and you should be free of pests.

Although this palm is considered short lived, 40 years, it will give you the best 40 years of its life! I’m sold!