Bamboo Fun Facts

Over the last couple of years, lucky bamboo stocks have become very popular in the home.  They are simply cuttings of bamboo that you put in glasses of water with rocks and watch them grow.  They don't need to be planted , at least not for years, and they make an attractive centerpeice, but what do you really know about bamboo?  It has got to be one of the most interesting plants in the world!  Let me introduce you to some of the facts.

Bamboo is actually a species of more than 1400 types of grasses and has been documented to grow up to one foot in a single day!  Thank goodness your lawn doesn't grow that fast!  It is an extremely tough and durable plant, being one of the first plants to begin growing again after Japan was hit by atomic bombs.  It's tensile strenth rivals both iron and steel on a per wieght basis and provides more photosynthesis than almost all other plants.  That means more oxygen for us. Bamboo provides nutrition (we've eaten it in chinese food) ,and also provides homes for over one billion people.  When we cut down a tree for lumber, it takes somewhere around 60 years to replace it.  If you cut down bamboo for lumber, it takes  60 days to replace it, and a single clump of bamboo will live for hundreds of years. High quality paper is also made from bamboo.   Here's is the really neat thing, you can grow bamboo in your yard in Canada!  Running Bamboo will withstand a minimun temperature of negative 33 degrees celcius and is fast growing and will provide a screen for you in no time.  There are many other species of Bamboo that will grow even in Canadian gardens with exotic effects.  I urge you to take a second look at this plant!