Marimo Moss Balls

There is a new craze sweeping across the plant and aquarium fanatics known as the Marimo Moss Balls. The first time I saw these little guys, I was totally fascinated by them. And why wouldn’t I be? They are so perfect and unique. A great conversation piece. It turns out that the people of Japan are crazy over them and keep them like pets, complete with names! These green furry balls are actually made from a certain type of algae that feels and looks just like moss. These lush balls are native to colder fresh water regions like Iceland. They get their roundness from the movement of the water pushing the moss along the gravel and rocks at the bottom of the streams. The great thing about these plants is they provide more oxygen than the normal plant as well as clean the water from nitrates caused by rotting vegetation and aquatic animals. Great for the Betta Fish Bowl. They also prevent the growth of other algae types in your tanks. These little green guys don’t require much light nor much fuss. Roll them around the bottom of your bowl ocassionally just to make sure they keep their round shape and that the down side gets light also. Remove the ball and squeeze it in a sink to clean it now and then, then put it back in the water. They grow extremely slow, but live long. With any luck, your moss ball will reproduce and furnish its home with tiny replicas of itself. I wonder when the fad will become popular of having moss ball baths instead of bath bombs?