The smallest flower in the world

Plant breeders are always striving to produce a larger, more fragrant, more colorful flower, but there is one flower that that Canadians (and a few other countries) can boast about having. Blooming in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec, it’s the smallest flower in the world.  The flower blooms on the smallest plant known as Wolffia.  You may be thinking to yourself that Wolffia sounds pretty rare and you probably have never seen it.  Well, maybe, but Wolffia is actually a type of Duck Weed and is also known as Water Meal.  The plant has no roots, so it floats along the top of the water, and gets passed along from one body of water to another quite easily by frogs and birds.  It’s often even sold in pet stores for aquariums.  Koi and ducks love it, but many pond owners don’t.  It can be slightly invasive, spreading quickly in still waters.  Sometimes it can be difficult to get rid of it in larger ponds.  However, duckweed has its good points.  It cuts down on the amount of algae growing in the pond as it reduces the amount of surface sunlight.  It also has been proven to reduce the amounts of heavy metals and nitrates and phosphates in the water, keeping it balanced.  It’s a great hiding place for frogs and small fish fry.  However, if even with its good points, you still want to remove it, try adding Koi to your pond.  They will munch it down like it’s going out of style.  Make sure that if you scoop it out, put it in your compost.  Or, if you’re an adventurous, you can try eating it like they do in South East Asia!  Meanwhile, please don’t send me a dozen Wolffia flowers unless I have binoculars on my head!!