How plants reduce toxins in your home

So, You’ve likely been hearing a bitt of talk lately how plants are good for your home because they clean the air. What does that really mean? You can have filters in your furnace and air ducts, and air purifier, but how does that all work? Filters simply try to filter out certain allergens and molds and toxins that are floating in the air. Plants do something remarkable. The plants take the toxins in through the stomata (like pores in humans), and break down the molecular structure of the toxin to its organic original molecule, making it harmless. Large amounts of toxins will eventually kill the plants back, but they can do a a lot of good before they suffer the consequences. Needless to say, this is very good news for anyone who has an compromised immune system that suffers from toxicity within the home. NASA has done studies to show which plants clean the air in the space shuttles best. So what did they find?

Snake Plants or Sansevaria have been given a really good rap for removing formaldehyde, trichloroethylene, xylene, toluene, and benzene from the air. The bonus with this plant is that unlike many other plants, it does not reverse respiration at night and so still gives off pure oxygen. This plant is a must in any bedroom home.

Bamboo Palms do a great job too, and they are beautiful to look at. The best part? They are also non toxic to animals.

Peace Lilies are amazing in that they can actually even pull Ammonia out of the air. Most plants cant do that!

Jade Plants are very effective at pulling out VOCs in our homes and are so easy to grow!

Spider Plants have also been known to be a very good air purifier, and when they are happy, you will be happy too when they reach down arial roots and grow new baby plants for you.

Bromeliads, however, are the number one plant at purifying the air. According to NASA, no other plant pulls out the numbers of VOCs that Bromeliads do.

In my opinion, you need a mix of plants to help each other. What one plant falls short on, the other plant will pick up on for a best all round cleaner air.

My question to you is this, Have you seen many sick elderly people who have a house full of plants compared to those without? Take a look around, and tell me what you see!

Meanwhile, stay healthy!