Planned Plant Parenting.

Have you ever wondered why you can grow one type of plant extremely well, but cant keep another type alive no matter how often you try? Perhaps, with a little soul searching, you can understand how your personality allows you to keep certain plants alive while killing others.

Tropicals used to thrive in my home and cactus hated me. Today, the opposite is true. So what changed?

A few years ago, I had a jungle living in my home. I was a stay at home mom with kids, dogs and lots of plants. I had windows that ran from the floor to the ceilings and an abundance of sunlight streaming through them. My tropical rainforest thrived. I had an intuition and could read my plants much like you could read someones mind. I instinctively knew when they were thirsty, needed repotting or required fertilizers. I was a nurturer of the rain forest within my home in every sense. However, the cactus feared me. They would turn yellow and slowly break down and eventually become part of the soil they grew in. I couldn’t grow or keep a cactus alive and had no idea why.

These days, I’m working all the time. I come home and barely have time to brush my hair. By chance, I might catch a glimpse of one of my once beautiful topical plants and see its leaves laying on the floor begging for moisture. I rush to the plant to the sink much like an ambulance driver trying to resuscitate a dying soul. That’s if my plant is lucky. Often times they are not. I am now a plant neglector. But my cactus!! They bask happily in the sunshine and flower continually oblivious to the death and chaos around them. They love this new me.

So how do you find the plant that is best suited to you? Answer these questions truthfully.

Neglector or Nurturer

Do you work long hours away from your home?

Do you like to travel?

Are you over tired or sick?

Are you busy socializing or career orientated?

Do you prefer to be away from your home?

If you answered yes to most of these questions, and you still want to have a green space in your home, think about investing in Cactus, Succulents, Air plants, and Epiphytes. These plants will love the neglect you give them and the freedom they have to be left alone.

If you are the type of person that is obsessed with your plants and can barely keep your hands off them, pruning and grooming them constantly, watering them more than it rains in the rain forest, then perhaps you are a nurturer. Nurturers do best with tropicals and water plants. They love to be spoiled and pampered.

Knowing who you are, helps you make wise choices when choosing plants. This is what planned plant parenting is all about!